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Vixen & Blush – Specialist Hair Extensions Salons in London

First… a little history…..

vixen and blush clapham

Vixen and Blush Clapham 2011!

Vixen & Blush opened its Clapham salon in late 2011 (now closed).  At this time Sarah (founder of Vixen & Blush) was working alone and within a year had grown her hopes and dreams into a reality – natural-looking hair extensions and a super supportive and happy client base! Along came Danielle Pink, wonder woman, and together Sarah and Danielle had many happy clients and lots of personal referrals that soon the boutique salon became overwhelmed and Vixen & Blush needed to open a second premises.  Vixen & Blush Shoreditch was opened by Sarah in March 2014, with Danielle remaining in Clapham.  This salon also quickly became a bustling hair extensions mecca with a larger team of 4 stylists.  Next was to be Danielle’s move to Central London.  Vixen & Blush Central opened in May 2015 and Danielle built her team of 4 stylists here and said goodbye to our little cute salon where it all started! Vixen & Blush Central and Vixen & Blush Shoreditch are now two salons that we are so proud of where we know we get to do one of the best jobs in the world which is to make hair dreams come true!



sarahmckennavixenandblush Sarah McKenna (Founder of Vixen & Blush) Sarah’s background is slightly out of the ordinary.  Having graduated from University College Dublin in 2005 with a BSc (Hons) in biochemistry Sarah followed a regular career path into a large pharmaceutical company.  However, on moving to the UK in 2008 Sarah decided to finally pursue her passion for hair and hair extensions and leave her first career behind.  At this time, the hair extensions industry was infiltrated by cheap imported factory-made hair from China and India where salons were offered quick and easy application methods without any focus on safety or quality.   Sarah was passionate about developing new and improved techniques in hair extensions so that she could achieve truly natural-looking results for clients who were increasingly frustrated by the offering available at the time. It was a labour of love – Sarah spent 5 years researching and developing techniques and travelled the world to find the best quality Virgin hair to import in to the UK. Vixen & Blush now comprises of 2 well-established hair extensions salons in London and Sarah continues to innovate and constantly looks at ways to improve further.  With a large client base across the salons and now online, Sarah is guided by what clients want, in her pursuit of perfection.



dani80Danielle Pink (Manager of Vixen & Blush Central and Head Trainer) With her 10 years experience in hairdressing Danielle joined Vixen & Blush in 2013 and has been instrumental in growing the brand from its humble beginnings in Clapham.  Originally from Kent, Danielle developed her expertise in all things hair while working at a well-established salon, and later moved to London to further her training.  Danielle’s love of hair extensions began 8 years ago when she discovered how working with hair extensions could extend her creativity with hair and offer her clients the chance to get the hair they always wanted.  She was immediately hooked! Danielle joined Team Vixen when it was just a team of 2 and is the ‘Blush’ in Vixen & Blush.. Loved by all clients, her boundless energy creates a sense of excitement and trust in all those who come to the Central salon for their transformations.   Danielle is known for being a perfectionist and for taking pride in her work. She now enjoys leading her own team in the Central salon and passing on her knowledge, enthusiasm and standards in hair care to the rest of Team Vixen.




Kylie Vixen and Blush

Kylie  (Manager of Vixen & Blush Shoreditch ) Kylie is from ‘Up North’ and came to London 3 years ago to further her already well-established career.  She has 12 years experience in conventional hairdressing including as Principle Stylist in Saks and Salon Manager leading a large team. Having previously worked at a specialist hair extensions salon in London, we were all delighted when Kylie decided to join Team Vixen.  In the history of Vixen & Blush, this blonde has gone down as the fastest learner!  Kylie was able to perfect the Vixen & Blush way in no time and quickly became a stylist-in-demand at Vixen & Blush Central!  Kylie’s cutting skills are her most noticeable technical attribute (among many!).  In addition to this Kylie is seen by her clients as extremely professional, efficient and approachable.  Kylie enjoys long hair transformations the most and will always jumps at the chance to do a full head of 22″ hair!





Sam Vixen and Blush


Sam (Assistant Salon Manager, Vixen & Blush Central) Sam is an Essex Girl so has a natural affinity for big hair!  Being a long-standing member of Team Vixen, Sam is the first person to call on when you need an energiser bunny on your side.  Although a talented stylist, Sam knew she wanted to pursue a career in the specialist field of hair extensions from a young age.  Sam earned a promotion to Senior Stylist within her first year at Vixen & Blush because it was immediately obvious that she was dedicated to getting results for her clients and was committed to the Vixen & Blush way of going that extra mile to achieve natural-looking hair.  Sam is a great presence in the salon and is loved by all the Shoreditch clients.





Ellie Vixen and Blush


Ellie (Senior Stylist, Vixen and Blush Shoreditch) Ellie is a stylist from Sussex who has moved to London to further her career in hairdressing.  On joining Team Vixen we were all impressed with Ellie’s technical skill in highlighting hair and learned more about the very strict training in her first salon!  Ellie now brings this discipline to her new role as a stylist in our specialist hair extensions salon and is committed to achieving excellence in client care.  Ellie is calm and confident and is a growing talent in Team Vixen.