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The 10 Commandments – Hair Extensions Edition

Vixen and Blush 10 Commandments - Hair Extensions Edition! Want to know the golden rules of having hair extensions, step this way!

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Dark brunette hair extensions

The 10 Commandments – Hair Extension Edition

Thou shalt not visit a mobile hair extensionist 

There can sometimes be a negative reputation surrounding hair extensions, whether it be that they’re poor quality, damage the hair, or look awful. The way to completely avoid a bad experience is to do your research, invest your money, and go to a reputable salon.

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Hair extension fitting tools, and hair, are easily accessible online and more and more inexperienced people are advertising their services and ruining hair everywhere. Don’t risk it. 

Thou shalt not use moisturising shampoo

Good quality hair extensions shouldn’t need too much care, you do not need to keep them moisturised, and a build up of moisture in your own hair whilst you have hair extensions in can cause a disaster. Go for a salon quality clarifying or volume shampoo instead! 

Thou shalt not condition their roots

Following on from shampoo’s, conditioning your hair is a specific task. Conditioning the roots of your hair can cause the conditioner to build up around your hair extension connection, and also super silky soft hair can cause the hair extension to slip. 

Thou shalt not ‘upside down’ head

Over directing hair extensions is an absolute no-no. Hair extensions are fitted downwards, meaning pulling them too far in the opposite direction will put a strain on the connection, and your own hair. It can feel super uncomfortable!

Thou shalt not let their hair dry naturally

If you were to let your hair extensions dry naturally, this would mean that your bonds are left damp for a considerable amount of time. With the water sitting on the bond and around the hair, over a period of time this can begin to break down the bond, weakening its grip on your hair.

Thou shalt not go for salon blow-dries

Some hair salons won’t be experienced in hair extensions, and can be too rough with them. Too much pulling can cause pain, damage to your own hair and the hair extensions may even come out. Rough drying and heat styling all the way!

Thou shalt not miss their 12 week appointment

Vixen & Blush are big on safety. One of our golden rules is to never leave hair extensions in for longer than three months. In this time your hair would have grown a surprising amount, and the longer your hair is, the more at risk you are of the hair extensions matting. You can have them taken out and re-applied straight away, they just need to be re-applied near the root of your hair again!

Thou shalt not visit a regular hair salon for a hair cut

Imagine finding the perfect salon, the perfect hair extensions, spending a lot of money, for them only to be completely ruined with a bad hair cut. Don’t do it! A good hair extensions salon will offer trim’s of your locks, to ensure they’re kept in the best possible shape.

Thou shalt not remove their own hair extensions

Another safety rule. We guarantee no hair loss and no damage with our hair extensions. Mostly through the careful fitting and our detailed maintenance guide, but having them taken out is equally as important. Always go to someone who is trained in what they’re doing, and never do it yourself.

Thou shalt not brush wet hair extensions

It is a widely known fact that brushing wet hair is damaging; you should stick to combing. The same can also be said of hair extensions, especially when wet. If you do this, your hair extensions can get tangled and even cause some of the hair strands to snap. The worst that could happen when you brush wet hair extension is that they can shed prematurely. The best you can do is let your hair extensions air dry or use a clean towel to pat gently on the strands. Once the hair extension is fully dry, gently comb the ends and gradually work your way up.

Sarah Mckenna

Sarah McKenna is the founder of Vixen & Blush and The London Hair Lab. Sarah graduated as a research biochemist in 2005 and started a career within the pharmaceutical industry, before becoming a hair extensions expert. In 2010, Sarah gained insight into the hair extensions industry and could see that clients had a very poor value/quality proposition. At that time, poor-quality hair extensions were available, at prohibitively high prices. Sarah left her initial career and set out on a mission to improve the hair extensions industry in the UK, using her research and development skills.

Spending 3 years securing a high-quality and sustainable supply of human hair, Sarah then developed new products and fitting techniques to allow long-term refits of the same hair. In this way, Sarah was able to offer hair extensions services at a more affordable price to clients, while improving the quality of the service for her clients.

With Vixen & Blush starting in 2012 as a 1 chair salon in London, Sarah quickly grew the business to what it is today, a team of more than 20 hair professionals working together as London’s leading hair extensions specialists.