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How to Style Clip-in Hair Extensions

Vixen & Blush the home of natural hair extensions. Want to know how to style our gorgeous Clip In extensions? This blonde looks a million dollars!

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How to style extensions

So you’ve done it, you’ve taken the plunge and invested in some seriously amazing Clip-In Hair Extensions. But what now?

These babies will need fitting and styling the correct way for you to achieve a flawless natural result. Luckily for you, our clip-ins are completely seamless making them extra natural looking, and we have all the other tips you’ll need!

Fitting your Clip-In Hair Extensions

  • First things first, you’ll want to start with clean hair. Oily roots = clip slippage = giving the game away!
  • Section your hair from ear to ear just using your little fingers, rather than a comb. It doesn’t have to be a perfectly straight line!
  • Secure the remaining hair on top of your head with a large clip.
  • Backcomb like your life depends on it. You want to create a ‘shelf’ for your clip-ins to sit comfortably on top of.
  • When securing the clip-in piece make sure the teeth of the clip goes all the way through the backcombed hair, it’ll just make it feel super secure!
  • Once you have your hair piece fitted, move on to other sections (if needed) and repeat.
  • The last thing to do is to just give the back of your hair a once over with the double mirror trick to make sure you’re happy that there aren’t any bumps.
  • With our Completely Seamless Clip-in Hair Extensions, you won’t need to worry about them peeking through, you can hardly see them when they’re on show!
Blonde vixen and blush hair extensions tranformation

Styling your Clip-In Hair Extensions 

The secret to any long lasting hair style is heat. Use heat to create the look, and then allow the hair to cool.

One way to style your clip-ins would be to use the good old pin curl technique! This would involve using a tong to curl the weft before fitting it into your own hair.

  • Simply curl as you would your own hair, and sizing the strands depending on the look you want to go for (although this technique does work better for big bouncy curls).
  • Wrap strand by strand around the curling wand, hold for 10-20 seconds and release, not letting the curl drop fully.
  • Wrap it up following the direction of the curl created, and secure with a clip. Leave to completely cool.
  • You’ll want to repeat the method on your own hair, then fit the extensions as described above. Beautiful big bouncy curls!
Blonde hair extensions vixen and blush hair

Another way to style your clip-ins would be after you’ve fitted them. This process is much simpler and can actually make your hair blend in better with your hair extensions. Our hair extensions are made from the finest hair, they can be treated exactly like your own hair, including styling! So, however you love to style your hair at the moment, be it straightening, curling, waving, you can definitely transfer your methods to extensions. Oh- and finishing any look with a little hairspray never hurt anybody!

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Sarah Mckenna

Sarah McKenna is the founder of Vixen & Blush and The London Hair Lab. Sarah graduated as a research biochemist in 2005 and started a career within the pharmaceutical industry, before becoming a hair extensions expert. In 2010, Sarah gained insight into the hair extensions industry and could see that clients had a very poor value/quality proposition. At that time, poor-quality hair extensions were available, at prohibitively high prices. Sarah left her initial career and set out on a mission to improve the hair extensions industry in the UK, using her research and development skills.

Spending 3 years securing a high-quality and sustainable supply of human hair, Sarah then developed new products and fitting techniques to allow long-term refits of the same hair. In this way, Sarah was able to offer hair extensions services at a more affordable price to clients, while improving the quality of the service for her clients.

With Vixen & Blush starting in 2012 as a 1 chair salon in London, Sarah quickly grew the business to what it is today, a team of more than 20 hair professionals working together as London’s leading hair extensions specialists.