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Can I Dye My Hair Extensions?

Can I dye my hair extensions? This is an incredibly frequently asked question from anyone new to hair extensions! We are here to help...

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Dyeing Hair Extensions

This is an incredibly frequently asked question from anyone new to hair extensions, can I dye my hair extensions? How do you keep your colour fresh whilst wearing hair extensions?

You can dye your hair whilst you have hair extensions but there are a few golden rules to follow to ensure your extensions are kept in the best condition and will last you many refits!

When you come in for a consultation, we ask that you have a hair colour that you are 100% happy with. This will allow our team of expert stylists to colour match your hair and ensure we create the perfect look for you.

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If you want to dye your hair, we advise going for your hair colour appointment before your consultation. We the can then see the tones of your hair and work with you to create the best natural result.

We do love our red and copper clients and offer a bespoke service which includes colouring hair to perfectly match. Our stylists are experts at creating the best blends. You can discuss this service in more detail at your consultation.

Some of our most popular methods like Micro Rings are permanent and last for 3 months so we totally understand that you might want to freshen up your hair colour during that time.

Brunette Hair Extensions Vixen & Blush

Our top tips for colouring your hair when you have extensions:

  • The halo section / T-section is available for colouring
  • We would advise going to a salon who are confident in working with hair extensions. We are lucky to have an amazing salon right next door to us Samantha Cusick who offer colour services and we work closely with them, so they understand how to colour with hair extensions!
  • Do not dye the hair that is captured inside the connection
  • Do not allow a colourist to scrub your head or pull on your hair when blow drying

It’s important to remember that if you change your hair colour, your hair extensions may no longer match. In this scenario, you may need to purchase new hair at your next appointment.

Ready to achieve those autumnal hair dreams? We offer free consultations in the salon and via Face-Time. To book you can email or call 0207 3231793