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Can You Wear Hair Extensions In The Sun?

With Summer in full swing, it’s time to stat booking your beach side holidays! We all want our hair to look it’s best when we are away.

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With Summer in full swing, it’s time to start booking your beach side holidays!

It’s time to escape the English weather and head to the sunshine!

We all want our hair to look it’s best when we are away, and hair extensions are great way to add that extra volume and length your hair has been lacking. Aftercare is very important when you have hair extensions, and it’s important to use the correct products from shampoo, conditioner, and sun creams.

Certain sun creams can stain hair extensions, to avoid this happening, we would advise you to use a mineral-based sun cream. We have listed below 4 sun creams that are ‘coral reef friendly’ and don’t contain bad staining chemicals. All these sun creams are available in Boots or online at Amazon, remember to only buy the mineral version of the brand.

Blue Lizard,  Green People, Hawaiian Tropic Mineral and Hello Sunday The Mineral One

Dark brunette extensions

How to style you’re extensions on holiday?

Opt for heatless hairstyles such as braids, buns low, ponytails, or natural waves. This will prevent unnecessary damage to both your natural hair and the extensions from excessive heat styling.

Depending on your holiday activities, make sure to keep your extensions safe, whether you are in and out of sea or pool or doing a lot of activities.  We advise wearing your hair  in a low ponytail or bun to reduce tangling.

Hair extensions before and after wavy locks

Be gentle when combing or brushing your hair extensions, starting from the ends, and working your way up .This will prevent tangling and keep your extensions looking their best. We recommend using a tangle teaser for the best result.

Bring some hair accessories like hair ties, bobby pins, and hairbands to help you create various hairstyles effortlessly and ave fun and experiment with new hairstyles! Embrace the relaxed vibe and enjoy trying out different styles that you might not typically wear in your everyday life, holidays are the best time to experiment and have fun.

If you are in need of a little hair inspiration, head over to our instagram!