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Essential Tips For Protecting Your Hair From Sun Damage

When the weather gets sunnier it’s important to lather up in sun-cream! But don’t forget to protect your hair too.

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When the weather gets sunnier it’s important to lather up in sun-cream! But don’t forget to protect your hair too.

As the hair geeks that we are, we know how the sun can damage your hair, but not to worry as there are plenty of products and help out there to keep your hair looking it’s best. We get the low down on how to keep your hair healthy this Summer.

What does sun damaged hair look like?

You might have sun damaged hair if your hair becomes discoloured, dry and split. This can also cause your hair to feel thin and frizzy. Rest assured, with proper prevention and care, you can maintain well-hydrated and healthy hair throughout the summer season.

How to prevent sun damage?

Your hair needs moisture and even more so during the Summer. Using a good quality shampoo and conditioner can really save the day. Our senior stylist Brodie explains “I’d say my favourite brand to use is Colour Wow, the whole range is great whether you opt for the shampoos, conditioners or treat your hair with one of there leave in treatments”.

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Should I use heat protection?

Make sure to always use heat protection spray when styling your hair and make sure you spray it throughout your hair on each section you are styling. In the salon our go to spray is the GHD heat protector spray as loved by our stylist Chrissy “it’s lightweight, smells great and will keep your hair protected”

Excessive heat styling can also exacerbate sun damage, if you are using tools with high temperatures and have had a lot of UV exposure you can weaken your hair. Instead, we recommend embracing heat-free styling techniques like braiding or using a heatless wave silk band.

Having hair extensions can also be a game-changer when it comes to styling, offering versatility and longevity. Once styled, they can maintain a curl for up to three days, providing you with effortless glamour and saving you precious time in your daily routine!

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Can I still go swimming on holiday?

Of course, when you have hair extensions you can still go in the sea and pool. We recommend that after swimming in the sea or chlorinated pools make sure you rinse your hair thoroughly to remove any residue and minimize the effect of chlorine or salt in your hair. This will also ensure your colour is kept looking its best.

What is a good hair oil to use?

Hair oil is a great way to lock in the moisture in your hair. Use a lightweight hair oil on the mid-lengths of your hair. Using good quality hair oils such as Bumble and Bumble Invisible Oil Primer will help nourish and hydrate your hair.

Now you are ready to book that holiday and head somewhere sunny. By following these tips and incorporating sun protection into your everyday hair care routine you can minimize sun damage and keep your hair looking healthy all Summer long.

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