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Glue In Hair Extensions

As we come into the Summer months the demand for hair extensions increases and so does the search for different methods!

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Hair extension transformation with micro bonds

Glue in hair extensions are otherwise known as Micro Bond hair extensions.

What are glue in hair extensions?

As we come into the Summer months the demand for hair extensions increases and so does the search for different methods. Have you been hearing a lot about glue in hair extensions, but not sure the details of the method and if it’s right for you? We are here to help you, in this post we will detail the pros and cons of glue in hair extensions and explain the method in more detail.

Glue in hair extensions are otherwise known as Micro Bond hair extensions, they are a semi-permanent hair extension method with a wear time of 3 months. They are a much loved method as it’s a very discreet way of adding hair extensions and your stylist can build up the volume slowly to create a natural result that blends easily with your natural hair.

Who are Micro Bond extensions suitable for?

Micro Bond extensions are suitable for you if you have a finer hair type and prefer a hard-wearing and permanent method that can be placed further forward and lower down the nape than other methods. They are a great method if your hair lacks density and isn’t suitable for other extension methods. The beauty of Micro Bond hair extensions is that they a very safe, discreet and versatile way of adding hair extensions.

The only two cons to Micro Bond extensions is that they are not reusable and therefore new hair will be needed at each appointment. They also take slightly longer to remove and re-apply then other methods we have available.

At Vixen and Blush we are a specialist salon and do hair extensions all day, every-day! This means our team have a high level of technical skill and are able to offer the Micro Bond method.

book a free hair extensions consultation in London Micro-Bond-Hair-Extension-Method-

How do glue in extensions differ to other method?

The difference with glue/ Micro Bond extensions to other type of extensions is that they are not re-usable. Once you have Micro Bond extensions applied they have a wear time of 3 months and then new hair will be needed.

What is the cost of glue in hair extensions?

Glue in hair extensions or Micro Bond extensions start at £475.00 for a  ½ head of 14” and go up to £875.00 for a full head of 22″, to find out more about the cost of glue in extensions visit the prices page on our website. We would recommend using the prices page as a guide as we ask all clients to book a free consultation before their appointment. These can be done via Face-Time or in our central London salon. Our expert team of stylists will have a good look through your hair and talk you through all the hair extension methods we have on offer. They will let you know the best amount and method for your hair type and take into consideration your lifestyle and dream look!

It’s super easy to book in for a consultation just contact Natasha to get booked in.

Micro Bond Transformation

How can I style my hair with glue in hair extensions?

Once you have your hair extensions fitted you want to show off your new locks, but what is the best way of styling glue in hair extensions? Our main golden rule is no high ponytails or buns as this can pull on the connection of your extensions. We instead recommend opting for a chic low ponytail or bun. Hair extensions are also perfect at holding a style, so if you spend the time curling your hair it will last for days rather than hours! Add in some dry shampoo for added texture and your curls will last even longer.

How long does it take to wash glue in hair extensions? 

We know a lot of people are concerned about how long it takes to wash and dry hair extensions but there is good news. Hair extensions do take longer to blow dry, but once you have fully dried your extensions you can style them and they will hold the style for multiple days without any further styling needed!

You will also probably find that as you need to style your hair less frequently you will wash your hair fewer times each week and spend less time on your hair then you did before!

Want to see some Glue in hair extensions before and after transformations?

Team Vixen love creating before and after photos in the salon to show off our gorgeous clients transformations. Are you in need of a little inspiration before you book your appointment? See above the gorgeous Gabriella’s transformation with Micro Bond extensions and follow us on instagram for more inspiration.

Wondered where the best place near you for extensions is? We are based in Fitzrovia in central London, just a short walk from Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Circus in the serene oasis of Rathbone Square a private residential space right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of central London.

To book in for a free consultation you can call 0207 3231793 or email

The Salon is located at:
6 Rathbone Square, London W1T 1EB

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Sarah Mckenna

Sarah McKenna is the founder of Vixen & Blush and The London Hair Lab. Sarah graduated as a research biochemist in 2005 and started a career within the pharmaceutical industry, before becoming a hair extensions expert. In 2010, Sarah gained insight into the hair extensions industry and could see that clients had a very poor value/quality proposition. At that time, poor-quality hair extensions were available, at prohibitively high prices. Sarah left her initial career and set out on a mission to improve the hair extensions industry in the UK, using her research and development skills.

Spending 3 years securing a high-quality and sustainable supply of human hair, Sarah then developed new products and fitting techniques to allow long-term refits of the same hair. In this way, Sarah was able to offer hair extensions services at a more affordable price to clients, while improving the quality of the service for her clients.

With Vixen & Blush starting in 2012 as a 1 chair salon in London, Sarah quickly grew the business to what it is today, a team of more than 20 hair professionals working together as London’s leading hair extensions specialists.