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How to say Goodbye to Bad Hair Days!

A bad hair day is something everyone experiences, even celebrities! Hair Extensions can help you make every day a GOOD hair day.

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Good Hair Days

How to say goodbye to bad hair days!

We all go through it, the dreaded bad hair day. It always comes along on a day you could really do without it! For many of our clients, the impetus to get hair extensions comes from having one too many bad hair days.  They’ve gotten up early to wash and style their hair, made the extra effort and it feels as though its time wasted.  Their hair lacks volume and won’t behave itself if there is even the tiniest bit of rain or wind.  SIGH!

There are very few ways to guarantee a good hair day. You could spend a small fortune weekly on getting salon blow-dry’s. But who has the time, or energy for that? Not me! Or you could invest in some hair extensions.

When people first hear the words hair extensions, an image of super long hair pops generally into their heads. Now although this is one of the many perks, more popular ones are to make the hair easier to style, create more volume and just have it looking a lot better day to day. You see hair extensions hold their style. You’ll wash them, dry them, style them and then won’t have to think about it again for days afterwards.

Before Extensions

Before Vixen extensions

Because who doesn’t want to feel like Princess Mia after her transformation from bush to bombshell?! 

After Extensions

Dark brown hair extensions VB

If you’re loving the idea but are afraid of commitment (we don’t judge here), then clip-ins may be the way forward for you. Instant length, volume and a complete confidence boost as quickly as you can snap those clips shut!

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Have a Good Hair Day!

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