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Healthy Looking Hair

Healthy Looking Hair with Hair Extensions: what an easy solution to thin and lifeless hair. Which celebrities have used hair extensions for volume?

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Brunette Healthy Hair Extensions

Healthy Looking Hair

ve, without additional length which makes your hair look instantly healthier without being over the top.  No one will know you’re wearing hair extensions.   At Vixen & Blush, we are asked very often to create a bit of oomph for our clients, without adding length and we absolutely love the transformation this makes.  Our clients look instantly ‘healthier’!  What do you notice on ads on the TV, or the images in the magazines.  Sometimes the models don’t have crazy long or over the top hair – sometimes they just look ‘healthy’.



For those clients who have had to put up with thin and lifeless hair all of their lives, adding a simple half head of hair extensions can transform them from lack-luster to being that girl with ‘the great hair’.  And all with hair extensions that are extremely wearable and easy to style.

For healthy looking hair it is simple – a half head of hair extensions adds volume, while being really wearable.

Ready for your very own hair transformation? Book in for a free consultation, we offer these in salon and via Face-Time!

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