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How To Blend Clip In Hair Extensions With Short Hair

How to blend Clip In hair extensions? Blending hair extensions is the main focus of creating the ultimate no show hair extensions!

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Hair Extensions

Blending hair extensions is the main focus of creating the ultimate no show hair extensions.

Here at Vixen & Blush we do not have to worry about obvious and tell-tale hair extension results. We have perfected the art of blending hair extensions in with your own hair. This only comes from specialising in hair extensions for over a decade and being committed to leading the way for only the most natural hair extension results.

If you want to go from short to long this requires a lot of considerations when adding hair extensions. Firstly, we will need to add enough hair to make the length match the density of your own hair- more length means you must add more hair. Adding a full head with sides is often more than enough hair to create length for short hair with clip in hair extensions. For some clients they will be able to gain some length with our half head and sides clip in set- it is dependent on your current hair length and hair density.

Hair Extensions

How to colour match hair extensions?

The colour match is equally as important for creating a seamless blend with hair extensions. When adding length to short hair with hair extensions, colour match to the last few inches of your hair as this is the part you will be extending!

To help with the blend we ask clients to not get their hair cut before a hair extensions appointment. Hairdressers often like to create blunt, solid haircuts which is not necessary when trying to gain length with extensions. As hair extension specialist we will be able to trim your hair in a way that does not compromise the blend of your hair extensions.

Lastly, we advise always cutting and layering your clip in hair extensions once they have been fitted to create a flawless blend with your own hair. This will create your most perfect set of clip in hair extensions yet- so you have the ability to switch up your short hair for long locks at home with the snap of a few clips!

Vixen and Blush Clip In Extensions

What Clip In sets can I buy?

As well as offering Clip In appointments in the salon where you can be colour matched by one of our expert stylists. We also sell our full range of Clip In extensions online, you can choose between a Full Head with Sides, Full Head, Half Head with Sides, Half Head and 2 side pieces depending on the amount of hair needed to create your desired look.

Vixen Clip In Extensions

If you need a little help colour matching our team are on hand to advise you with the best shade match, from the brightest blondes, to multi dimensional balayage and jet black shades we have a wide range available.

Sarah Mckenna

Sarah McKenna is the founder of Vixen & Blush and The London Hair Lab. Sarah graduated as a research biochemist in 2005 and started a career within the pharmaceutical industry, before becoming a hair extensions expert. In 2010, Sarah gained insight into the hair extensions industry and could see that clients had a very poor value/quality proposition. At that time, poor-quality hair extensions were available, at prohibitively high prices. Sarah left her initial career and set out on a mission to improve the hair extensions industry in the UK, using her research and development skills.

Spending 3 years securing a high-quality and sustainable supply of human hair, Sarah then developed new products and fitting techniques to allow long-term refits of the same hair. In this way, Sarah was able to offer hair extensions services at a more affordable price to clients, while improving the quality of the service for her clients.

With Vixen & Blush starting in 2012 as a 1 chair salon in London, Sarah quickly grew the business to what it is today, a team of more than 20 hair professionals working together as London’s leading hair extensions specialists.