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How to Fit your I-Tip Hair from The London Hair Lab

Ever wondered how to fit I-Tip hair extensions? Using The London Hair Lab products, we will take you through this step by step.

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London hair extensions

I-Tip/ Micro Ring extensions are a very popular permanent method at Vixen and Blush

It’s a permanent method with a wear time of 3 months, it’s the perfect method if you are looking for a re-usable method that doesn’t use any heat or glue.

The hair comes in tipped st

rands called I-Tips. At Vixen and Blush all our hair comes from The London Hair Lab. Our very own in-house lab which has a large inventory of hair in multi tonal shades.

A perfect colour and texture match is easily achieved, and the hair is expertly fitted by our experience team of stylists whose focus is on achieving natural looking results for every client.

How are they fitted?

I-Tip/ Micro Ring extensions are fitted with a tiny metal micro ring. We have 3 different sizes of ring on offer, depending on the density of your own hair at the root. A precise section of your hair is threaded through the ring and a strand of extension hair is added alongside your hair. The micro ring is then clamped closed and is in place for 12 weeks.

The fitting and removal are very safe, easy, and clean with no chemicals used.

How are they removed?

You simply open the metal micro ring to release the strand, which can subsequently be refitted. Micro Ring extensions can be re-used many times making this method an affordable way of wearing hair extensions in the long term.

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