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Before and After, Hair Extension Specialists

Instant Transformation: Before and After with Clip-In Hair Extensions

Are you ready for the magic of Clip-In hair extensions? Transform your hair in a matter of minutes.

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Clip in hair extensions in central London salon Vixen and Blush

Are you ready for the magic of Clip-In hair extensions? Transform your hair in a matter of minutes.

Clip in extensions are a popular and easy option for adding instant length and volume to your hair! The process of fitting Clip In extensions is straightforward and can be easily done at home!

Select the right colour for your extensions

We offer Clip In extensions in our central London salon where you can come in for a Clip In appointment, have your colour matched, Clip In set fitted, cut, and blended.

We sell our full range of Clip In hair extension online and ship globally. We can help you with a colour match via e-mail or whatsapp. Send us a photo of your hair in natural light and we can advise the best colour match for you. We do advise taking your new Clip In set to your favourite stylist to have it cut and blended into your natural hair for a flawless result.

Our Clip-In extensions come in 1 large panel with 4 clips and 100g of hair that will fit from ear to ear, plus 2 small side pieces which can be used to add volume at the front.

The benefits of Clip In Extensions

Instant results! Clip in extensions are a temporary method which can instantly transform your hair allowing you to achieve your desired length and volume in minutes. Clip In extensions are a very popular choice if you want to experiment with longer and fuller hair for special occasions.

A Temporary Method

If you’re not ready to commit to a permanent method Clip In extensions are a great temporary option which allows you to dip your toe into the world of extensions. Our Clip In extensions are made using the finest quality hair that we use for all of our methods in the salon. They are easy to fit and remove and with proper care your Clip In extensions can last for years!  With every order of Clip In extensions you will receive a Vixen and Blush pouch to keep them in!

Have a browse of the Clip In shades we have available or book in for your Clip In appointment in our Central London salon today.