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Maintaining Your Hair Extensions in London’s Changing Weather!

We will provide you with our seasonal tips on how to maintain your Vixen and Blush hair extensions all year long!

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Natural hair extensions

We will provide you with our seasonal tips on how to maintain your hair extensions and ensure they stay looking their best throughout the year.

As we all know one minute it’s the height of summer and the next, we are digging out our raincoats! London weather can be un-predictable, and these weather changes can affect the condition and longevity of your hair extensions. We have put together a handy guide for the changing seasons to keep your hair looking it’s best.

Spring and Summer

In the Spring and Summer there are much milder temperatures and more humidity. To keep your tape extensions looking their best follow these steps:

  • Make sure you use sulphate free shampoos and conditioners to prevent your hair going frizzy and to keep your extensions smooth. You can also use oils but make sure to only use these in the mid-lengths and ends of your hair not on the connections.
  • Use a heat protecting spray before using any styling tools to protect your natural hair and the extensions from heat damage. Make sure to spray each section as you go to ensure all of your hair is protected.
  • Protect your hair from strong UV rays and excessive sun exposure, the best way to do this is to wear a hat and use UV protective hair products.
Natural hair extensions


As Autumn arrives the weather cools down and your hair routine might need a change.

  • Use conditioners on the mid lengths and ends of your hair to combat dryness, avoid putting conditioner on the roots of your hair as this can cause your extensions to slip.
  • Be cautious on how much you are heat styling your hair as this can contribute to dryness, one great thing about hair extensions is that they hold a style. Once curled the style will hold for up to 3 days which means less heat styling.
Blonde hair extensions


As Winter creeps in make sure to follow these steps to keep your tape extensions looking their very best

  • If you get caught in the rain, make sure you thoroughly dry your hair extensions at the root, this is to ensure they are kept in the best condition and don’t slip or tangle
  • Make sure to brush out any knots with a tangle teezer to ensure your hair extensions stay smooth and looking their best.

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Maintaining your hair extensions throughout the changing seasons is easy if you follow our simple steps. There might be a few additions to add into your everyday routine but with the right products and maintenance your extensions will stay looking their best and you will be able to have multiple re-fits from them.

You can enjoy tape extensions all year round whether you are off on holiday or braving London’s winters. It’s always best to speak to your stylist at your consultation or fitting about the right product to use for your hair type and specific hair needs!

Find out more about our tape extension appointments and book your free consultation! We do hair extensions all day every-day all year long, if you are in need of some inspiration head over to our instagram where we regularly post the amazing transformations created by Team Vixen.

Sarah Mckenna

Sarah McKenna is the founder of Vixen & Blush and The London Hair Lab. Sarah graduated as a research biochemist in 2005 and started a career within the pharmaceutical industry, before becoming a hair extensions expert. In 2010, Sarah gained insight into the hair extensions industry and could see that clients had a very poor value/quality proposition. At that time, poor-quality hair extensions were available, at prohibitively high prices. Sarah left her initial career and set out on a mission to improve the hair extensions industry in the UK, using her research and development skills.

Spending 3 years securing a high-quality and sustainable supply of human hair, Sarah then developed new products and fitting techniques to allow long-term refits of the same hair. In this way, Sarah was able to offer hair extensions services at a more affordable price to clients, while improving the quality of the service for her clients.

With Vixen & Blush starting in 2012 as a 1 chair salon in London, Sarah quickly grew the business to what it is today, a team of more than 20 hair professionals working together as London’s leading hair extensions specialists.