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Hair Extension Specialists

Specialist Hair Extension Salon

Vixen & Blush specialist hair extension salon in London. We offer you the finest hair and the best colour match to create natural-looking results.

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Vixen and Blush

Specialist Hair Extension Salon in London

Vixen & Blush is a specialist hair extension salon located in Central London, 6 RATHBONE SQ, W1T 1EB.

Vixen Salon

We are experts in hair extensions and bring you advanced techniques to guarantee natural-looking hair extensions.  We use our ‘colour-blending technique’ so that we create multi-tonal hair that matches yours exactly.

As a specialist hair extensions salon, we also offer multiple different methods. The micro ring method is the most popular method at Vixen & Blush as it is a re-usable method and a non-shedding method.  We also offer the micro bonding method for those with finer hair, or those who prefer a really discreet method of hair extensions.

Vixen & Blush Hair Extensions London

How do we, at Vixen & Blush, guarantee natural-looking hair extensions?

We go to extreme efforts to make bespoke hair extensions for each client.

What we do is make hair specifically tailored for each person – making it truly bespoke.

1) At Vixen & Blush we use amazing quality hair from The London Hair Lab.

2) For each client we blend hair together to create a unique colour just for you. This beautiful multi-tonal hair will match your hair perfectly.

3) Once the hair is mixed, we decide what size strands you need and hand-make them.  We can adjust the sizes of the strands and this creates the most comfortable and most natural-looking results for our clients.

Hair Extensions London – We are proud to offer such a tailored service to our clients and know that the extra effort and time we take to tailor our service results in the most natural-looking hair extensions.

Follow this link to a video Why Choose Vixen and Blush?

If you’d like to see the hair up close and try some of our test hair extensions then please make an appointment for a free consultation!

Our consultations are free of charge and we offer them in the salon and via Face-Time.

To book your free consultation give us a call on 0207 3231793 or e-mail