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Celebrity features

The long and the short of it..

The long and short of it. We take a look at the celebrities who can work it both ways, and get some inspiration.

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Party Season Hair Extensions

We take a look at the celebrities who can work it both ways..


Jennifer Aniston

Known for the ‘Rachel’ do in the 90s, Jennifer Aniston was seen with many hair cuts during her time playing our favourite pampered princess, Rachel Green in well-loved TV sitcom, Friends. With her gorgeous heart-shaped face and girl-next-door appeal, Aniston has been able to pull off a range of looks, cementing her legacy as a true hair icon. Whether short or long, voluminous or sleek, Jen pulls it off with effortless charm.
jen collage

Keira Knightley

British beauty Keira Knightley is another actress whose look has evolved dramatically over the years. From that Bend it like Beckham boyish crop to the flowing tresses of the Pirates of the Caribbean saga, the now elegant face of Chanel has settled for a stylish mid-length cut, earning her a place in today’s fashion icon lists.

kiera collage

Anne Hathaway

Someone who has had to go to extremes for her craft is all-American beauty, Anne Hathaway. For her role as Fontine in the Oscar nominated Les Miserables, Hathaway was forced to chop those shiny brunette tresses completely off. In an interview Hathaway explained that they did the deed live while filming the scene so that emotion could be as real as possible and we think losing those luscious locks would have made us cry too! But the Devil wears Prada actress is lucky that her tiny, doll-like features suit both looks equally.

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