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Wedding Hair Extensions

We often get asked if our clients feel comfortable getting hair extensions for their wedding. We detail the ways we make sure that our hair extensions look natural

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Wedding Hair Extensions

We often get asked if our clients feel comfortable getting hair extensions for their wedding?

It is now a normal part of wedding prep to think about adding volume and length to your own hair! Along with ensuring that they have glowing skin, brides also want healthy beautiful hair that if flawless. Most brides do not want to alter their look too drastically, so we mostly get asked to add volume and create very discreet and natural looking hair extensions  We are always delighted to enhance our clients own hair and feel that subtle hair extensions are the perfect way to give a bride instant hidden confidence.

Here are a few of the ways we make sure that hair extensions look natural for our brides:

1.  We ask our client to make sure that they are happy with their hair colour before adding the hair extensions.  We then make sure that our hair extensions are an exact match to the client’s hair by using our ‘colour-blending technique‘. This is where we take strands of hair from different ponytails to custom match our client’s own hair colour, which is usually multi-tonal.  This service sets us apart from other salons as we ensure that we offer a PERFECT colour match.

2. For those with fine hair, we are able to place small, discreet extensions in a weight-for-weight ratio.  This ensures that the hair extensions are comfortable to wear, discreet, and are above all – very safe.

3.  When fitted, the hair extensions are placed according to the client’s hair growth pattern – so no extensions will show on the big day!

4.  Once fitted, the final hair extensions/client’s own hair  is cut and finished all as one to create a new finished style.  We are always conscious that our client will have a specific plan of how they are going to wear their hair on the day, and we will always make sure that the hair extensions will fit in with that plan.

We really do enjoy working with brides to enhance their natural hair.  We get great pleasure in seeing how much confidence is gained once a client’s hair is given that instant volume that you can only get from their wedding hair extensions.

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