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Covid-19 Policy

Standard Operating Procedure 1 – COVID-19

1 This document is aimed to support VIXEN AND BLUSH on its re-opening during the COVID-19 outbreak.

2 The aim is to consistently update and adhere to the health & sanitation rules and regulations of the UK government.

These guidelines are in compliance with the laws of the UK government. It is also advisable to observe the World Health Organization (WHO) website for additional information.


  • Familiarize yourself with new laws and regulations from relevant professional bodies
  • Identify and structure practices and policies that will need to be adjusted according to the result of any new health & sanitation rules and regulations
  • Implement employee CPD courses on new health & sanitation rules and regulations


  • Create essential changes to employee scheduling patterns where staff members are grouped together according to salon locations, Hoxton and Central. That in the event of COVID 19 diagnosis or symptoms not all staff members need to be quarantined at the same time

1• Create essential changes to employee scheduling patterns taking into consideration the following aspects: a. Employees who travel by public transport b. Employees who travel in private transport

2 • Create social distancing standards for employees in communal staff areas such as offices, break rooms, washrooms/restrooms and lunch areas

  • Create social distancing standards for clients in communal client areas such as reception area, changing room, washrooms/restrooms and treatment classrooms
  • Create social distancing standards for entire salon
  • Amend job description of employees to adhere to new health & sanitation rules and regulations
  • Determine how the new health & sanitation rules and regulations will be monitored from employees
  • Identify a protocol for employees to recognize symptoms when a client or fellow colleague becomes ill or presents signs of illness
  • Implement all new health & sanitation rules and regulations before reopening Vixen & Blush


  • Update and implement new sanitation rules and regulations
  • Implement no touch greeting policies
  • Schedule trainings on cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing such as A) Hand washing practices 60 seconds long B) Correct use of PPE C) Correct use of disinfectants for various surfaces, workstations, equipment and in general of all salon & spa facilities D) Correct use of sterilizations methods of instruments / tools E) Training in correct procedures of waste removal F) Create sanitation “check-in training” for employees G) Provide training on tactful screening questions


  • Implement sanitation “check-in training” for clients and employees
  • Ensure visible information on hygiene and safety procedures / instructions are placed at entrance and exit areas of the salon
  • Ensure COVID 19 awareness signage is distributed throughout the salons
  • Automated hand sanitizer dispenser must be provided at the entrance to the salon & spas in every washroom and at various points throughout the salons (Sanitizer to be 70% isopropyl alcohol based)
  • Temperature screener check on all employees and clients before entering the salon or spa
  • Implement no touch greeting policies.
  • Entrance door if possible propped opened • Door handles and Everyday objects such as stair railings to be constantly disinfected
  • Meter marker, barrier tape or floor marking to ensure social distances are kept according to local governments requirements throughout the salon
  • Maximum number of people entering salon at entrance


  • Client or employee did not have contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID 19 or who was sick and quarantined in the last 14 days
  • Client or employee did not have a new dry cough, difficulty in breathing or loss of taste/smell in the last 14 days
  • Client or employee was not in contact with anyone with the above symptoms the last 14 days
  • Client or employee does not have fever or has fever over 37.4 C


  • Evaluate seating areas to meet requirements of social distancing
  • Clean and disinfect high touch areas constantly: door handles, light switches, telephones, screens, keyboards, pens and guest / staff and client lockers
  • Remove all unnecessary objects (i.e. shared magazines)
  • Remove salon brochures, treatment menus and offer them digital or on no touch digital version
  • Treatment bookings to be scheduled via telephone, email, whatsapp. If onsite bookings are made to be handled by one member of staff
  • Staff members must always adhere to social distancing between each other and to clients
  • Implement contactless payment options when available
  • No beverages to be served


  • Clean and disinfect shelves
  • Clean and disinfect retail products


  • All clients sign a treatment consent form.

See example • By signing this declaration, the undersigned acknowledges that there is still a risk of Covid19 contamination despite compliance with and implementation of the relevant hygiene regulations and relevant protection concepts in the context of cosmetic treatment. Against this background, the cosmetic treatment is expressly carried out at the request and risk of the undersigned. Any responsibility of the service provider or persons for which the cosmetics service provider is responsible is excluded to the extent permitted by law. Date, place signature ………………………………………………………………………………………


  • Ensure staff members wear a newly cleaned uniform top each day. Additional tops may be required. The tops should be washed at 60 degree or higher wash. Staff should also wear newly clean trousers each day
  • Each staff member is to wash their hands for 20 seconds with hot water and soap on arrival into the salon and before greeting a new client and starting their service. If the staff member walks away from the client and touches anything in the salon they are to spray their hands with sanitizer before touching the clients head again. It is not possible to wear protective gloves while carrying out the service so regular and ostensible hand washing and sanitising is required.
  • Staff must not greet clients with a hug or by touching them.
  • During the consult, the staff member should talk with the client via the mirror, not face to face.
  • If the client is wearing a mask and does not take it off, the staff member must continue to wear the mask throughout the service.
  • If the client gives express permission, the staff member can remove their mask while carrying out the service, as they are not face to face with the client. However, it is mandatory to wear both a mask, protective eyewear and a disposable apron while cutting hair or having any face to face contact with clients.
  • Staff members must at all times be aware and set an example of social distancing to clients
  • Clean towels to be used between EVERY client. Ideally use disposable towels/couch roll covers on chairs during this time.
  • Staff are to put on gloves to clean down the station after the service is finished. When touching anything the client has brought from home or a shop, ensure that these items are removed and placed in a bin directly.
  • Staff are allowed to have a personal water bottle within their personal work space, but should not have any other personal items.
  • Staff can use their own phone, but are encouraged to do so in the staff area, and not around clients. It is important to clean the phone down regularly.


  • Hand sanitizer dispenser to be mounted at the hand basin
  • Anti-bacterial hand soap to be available at the hand basin
  • Paper towels to be made available for drying of the hands
  • Use of the hand basin must be managed at the discretion of the salon manager (social distancing)
  • Use elbow to open taps
  • Stylist to demonstrate sanitisation of their hands in front of the client before commencing a treatment
  • The entire workstation must be thoroughly cleaned before and after each client, including the floor
  • All general hygiene and sterilizing procedures will continue and be strongly supervised by all staff members
  • The Client is not required to wear a mask during their service while seated, but is asked to wear one while their hair is being cut and styled and they are paying for their service and during any face to face consultation.
  • Where possible use disposable implements
  • Sealable wastepaper bins and sharps containers are compulsory in the treatment room
  • Wear gloves when handling waste. Avoid touching waste.
  • Empty waste bins regularly (especially at hand basins)
  • Appropriate hygiene disinfectants to be used before and after each service


  • Mix all disinfectants according to the manufacturer`s directions
  • Wear gloves during sanitation / sterilization procedures to prevent contamination and to protect skin from strong chemicals
  • Use hand sanitizer and wait until it is dry before putting on gloves
  • Wash and disinfect all brushes and other non-disposables
  • Wash implements thoroughly with antibacterial soap and dry them off first before placing in the disinfectant
  • Ensure that all implements remain in the disinfectant liquid for the correct amount of time. Do not leave implements in longer than recommended time from manufacturer
  • Change the disinfectant to comply with manufacturer’s directions. Record details and date in logbook
  • Remove gloves in the correct glove removal protocol turning glove inside out as it is removed. Do not touch outside of gloves. Dispose of in sealable bins
  • Clean all containers and wipe down product containers with a disinfectant daily

BATHROOMS • Clean and disinfect high touch areas such as door handles, light switches, sinks, toilet seats, toilet handles, toilet paper dispensers and hand paper dispensers

STAFFROOMS • Clean and disinfect hard surfaces and high touch areas • Establish occupancy limits/seating arrangements if necessary, according to local/government requirements (social distancing, etc)

  • Remove shared publications, newsletters, etc


  • Keep the area you are working in well ventilated
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick
  • If staff members do not feel well, do not come to salon
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth
  • Wash hands frequently for at least 20 seconds
  • Cough or sneeze into a tissue, then throw the tissue into a sealable bin
  • Ensure that the salon or spa is fully stocked with antiseptic, disinfectant spray and PPE supplies
  • Identify ways to visibly promote sanitation/cleaning activities (i.e. door hangers noting that sanitation is in progress, cards highlighting how often a space is sanitized, post confirmation that equipment has been cleaned between each use, etc)
  • Refill soap dispensers and disposable towels and pay attention to having sufficient supplies • Refill hand sanitizers and disinfectants regularly
  • Check regularly supply of personal protective stock


  • If Covid-19 symptoms are suspected, go to the UK’s COVID 19 website – send the employee or client home so that he/she can call his/her doctor & get medical care and a test. Encourage self-isolation
  • The employee or client should not go directly to the doctor’s consulting rooms as the employee or client can risk exposing other patients to Covid-19
  • In the case of severe symptoms, if an employee or client is feeling very ill and needs care immediately, call an ambulance on 999 or call NHS 111 for further advice. Immediately ensure all staff put on full PPE if a client or staff member begins to display symptoms and isolate this person until they are removed from the premises.


  • Print and post new sanitation guidelines
  • Communicate with employees about the reopening strategy
  • Communicate with employees about new internal employee policies or role changes
  • Communicate with employee’s new sanitation duties
  • Set up a process to gather feedback from employees and clients during a minimum of the first four weeks of reopening to identify areas that need to be adjusted or revisited.
  • Inform vulnerable employees of their rights and protection during COVID 19


  • Send welcome back emails to clients informing of the salon re-opening and the new procedures.