I am concerned about damage to my own hair - do hair extensions damage your hair??
Will I lose any of my own hair during the removal?
What is different at your salon in terms of the removal process why is there no damage?
Can I have a consultation and the hair extensions fitted on the same day?
How experienced is your salon with hair extensions?
How long does my hair need to be to have hair extensions fitted?
Are Hair Extensions suitable for me?
How long will it take to have my hair extensions fitted?
Will people know that I am wearing hair extensions?
How do I know if I need a half head, 3/4 head or full head?
Will the hair extensions be too heavy for my own hair?
Can I go swimming when I have my hair extensions?
Can I use hair straighteners, a hair dryer, hot rollers and other styling equipment?
Can I leave my new hair extensions to dry naturally?
Can I dye my hair extensions if I feel like changing hair colour?
How long will my hair extensions last for?
Do I have to give my hair a 'rest' in between having hair extensions?