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clip in hair extensions london

Clip In Hair Extensions

A temporary method

Clip in Hair Extensions are designed for adding a boost of volume or length for occasions

a confidence boost

Who are they for?

Clip In Hair Extensions are great for clients who

  • like a method with no commitment at all
  • like to have no extensions day-to-day and only wear extra hair occasionally
  • want to invest in a hair piece that lasts for many many years
clip in hair colour match

What are clip in hair extensions?

Clip In Hair Extensions are a temporary way of adding hair. Hair is attached to snap grips (clips) and can be clipped to your own hair. The Clip in piece can be hidden by allowing the hair at your crown to cover the seam and the ends of your hair blend into the clip in hair.

The colour match should be perfect and it is also best to have the pieces chosen with help from a stylist and cut in to suit your current hair style.

Our clip in hair extensions are made using the same hair that we use for our permanent methods.  Your new clip in will last you many many years.

clip in hair extensions
Buy Online or In Salon

Our Service Explained

We sell our full range of Clip In hair extensions online globally and can help via email or whatapps with getting your perfect colour match.  But for those clients who are London-based we love to see you in the salon to help you choose your perfect colour match and also fit and cut and blend them.

Clip in Hair Extensions at Vixen & Blush come as a 4 piece seamless clip in extension set with 90g of hair.

In the set you will receive 1x piece with 5 clips, 1x piece with 4 clips and 2x single clip side pieces. It's 90g of hair which is thick to the ends.


clip in hair extensions london
Our pricing model

How Much Do They Cost?

Our Clip In Hair Extensions are made with the same hair that we use for our permanent hair extensions. Our seamless clip in set is 90g of the finest hair and costs £350.

See our pricing guide for in salon fittings

In the Salon, we offer an appointment to help with colour matching, fitting , cutting and blending which is £40

Go to our online shop now to shop the range

Before and Afters

Choose what final look you're trying to achieve and see for yourself how it is all possible at Vixen and Blush!

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Still Have Questions?

Our Clip In Hair Extensions: common queries
Can I have a colour match in the salon?

Yes we offer an appointment with a stylist to help you try out different pieces and shades before deciding if you like the colour match and amount of hair chosen.

It costs £40 and includes 45 minutes of time to select, colour match, fit cut and style your new clip in hair extensions.

Are Clip In hair extensions reusable?

Yes, once you have purchased your Clip In set it will last for many years, our Clip In extensions are made using the same hair that we use for our permanent methods.


Can Clip In hair extensions fall out?

Our clip-in hair extensions are designed to be secure and stay in place when properly applied.

Our Clip In extensions have small clips attached to them, which open and snap closed onto your natural hair When attached correctly, they should not easily fall out.

Are Clip In extensions uncomfortable?

Clip-In hair extensions should not be uncomfortable when properly applied and worn correctly.

Further questions
Can I buy your Clip In hair extensions online?

Yes, we offer a fantastic range of clip in hair extensions on our online shop.

If you would like help with a colour match we can assist you.

It is best to send us an image of your own hair in daylight, with the ends of your hair clearly visible.

Will Clip In extensions blend with my own hair?

We recommend having your Clip In extensions cut and blended by a hair stylist to create a flawless result. We offer this service in the salon where you can have your Clip In extensions fitted, cut and styled.

Are Clip In Extensions damaging?

With the correct care and maintenance your Clip In extensions won't damage your hair.

Clip In extensions are a temporary method and shouldn't be worn for long periods of time. They are a great solution if you’re looking for extensions to give you a boost for special occasions and events

Can Clip In hair extensions get wet?

Clip In hair extensions aren’t designed to be worn when swimming or getting fully submerged by water. They can handle a small amount of rain and moisture, but excessive water exposure isn’t recommended.

To take the best care of your Clip In extensions and ensure they remain in good condition, it’s best to avoid getting them wet whenever possible.

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