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I am concerned about damage to my own hair - do hair extensions damage your hair??

We use the best quality material and our staff are very experienced hairdressers who specialise in hair extensions. We will maintain your hair throughout and provide you with all of the maintenance advice and follow up that you need to care for your new hair extensions. You are in safe hands.

Will I lose any of my own hair during the removal?

No matter which method you chose to have, your hair extensions will have been in place for a considerable amount of time. During that time, some of your individual hairs have shed, which is a natural process. These hairs have been held in place by the bonds and so at removal, these hairs will be released and will fall away. However, your hair will look exactly the same as it did prior to having your hair extensions fitted

What is different at your salon in terms of the removal process why is there no damage?

Damage from Hair Extensions occurs when DIY experiments take place, or when an inexperienced, under-qualified technician is involved. At Vixen & Blush, the removal process is as important as the fitting process. We take the time to do it right.
With the best professional products and qualified, experienced Hair Extensionists – damage should never ever be a problem.

Can I have a consultation and the hair extensions fitted on the same day?

Yes, of course! Vixen & Blush is a professional Hair Extensions salon. We have a large inventory of hair in stock and can fit your hair extensions then and there. However, if you would like to have a consultation and fitting on the same day, will would love to see photos of your hair and a £200 deposit is required.

How experienced is your salon with hair extensions?

Our salons are specialist salon – we are the best in our industry at hair extensions. . Vixen & Blush is a team of qualified hairdressers, who are specifically trained in hair extensions. Each hair extensionist has a minimum of 4 years of experience working with hair extensions on a daily basis and a minimum of 10 years as a qualified hairdresser. We are unique in what we offer – true expertise in hair extensions backed up by a qualified and professional team who care about creating superior natural-looking hair extensions.

How long does my hair need to be to have hair extensions fitted?

To achieve a long hair look, you need to have a minimum of 4 inches of hair. This is enough hair so that if you gather all of your hair back, it just makes it in to a hair tie.

Are Hair Extensions suitable for me?

Hair Extensions are suitable for the vast majority of clients. You own hair is examined at consultation, and our qualified hairdressers will be able to advise you if you are unsuitable for hair extensions. This is a very rare occurrence.

How do I know if I need a half head, 3/4 head or full head?

There are many factors… 1) your past experiences 2) how long your own hair is now 3) how full a look you want to achieve 4) your lifestyle considerations / commitment level 5) cost 6) do you want to add length, or just volume? We can help you decide, and even if you select a particular service, you can always change your mind during the fitting process.

How long will it take to have my hair extensions fitted?

It will take approximately 3 – 3.5 hours to have a Full Head of permanent hair extensions fitted but only 30mins to have 6 pairs of tape fitted!  So the amount of time is based on how much hair you are having added!

Will people know that I am wearing hair extensions?

The hair quality is such that the hair can be treated like your own hair. Your new hair extensions will look natural, as we make sure to take the time to cut them and blend them properly, into your own hair. We also guarantee a perfect colour match, which is an essential step to making your new hair totally natural.

Will the hair extensions be too heavy for my own hair?

We are aware that some clients are concerned about how the hair extensions feel to wear – Will they be too heavy? We are able to offer our clients a trial of the hair extensions. It is very easy to fit one or two, and hide them in your hair, so that you can see how they feel over a few days or a week. There is no cost for this service and it gives you an opportunity to try hair extensions for yourself. We offer a good choice of methods and hair so that we can get the best fit for all of our clients. Hair Extensions should feel comfortable to wear and should not feel heavy.

How long will my hair extensions last for?

The micro-bonding method and the micro ring method offer 3 months of hair extensions, giving them the title of ‘permanent’ hair extensions. The micro ring method allows for hair to be re-used and so will last for a further 3-6 months.

Do I have to give my hair a 'rest' in between having hair extensions?

No, this is not necessary. Professional Salon Hair extensions do not damage your hair. There is no benefit to giving your hair a ‘rest’ in between.

Can I bring a friend or children with me to the appointment?

Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate any children, friends or family members accompanying you to your fitting appointment (although they are more than welcome to the consultation appointment).

For any client who would like to spread the cost of their hair extensions we do offer a Bespoke Payment Plan.

You can;

  • pay a small deposit upfront
  • spread the remaining cost of your service over the following 3 months
  • No additional cost to you
  • Our Client Relations Manager can send you an information pack via email
  • Our Client Relations manager can sign you up within 48 hours

Contact us now on and request and information pack!



Orders placed via our website will be sent on the same day if ordered by 10am, Monday - Friday. We offer a 48-hour delivery service to the UK and Ireland.

International orders are sent via express airmail, and dependant on your location should reach you within 2-5 business days (Europe) or 7-9 business days (Worldwide).


We have a 48 hour cancellation policy and appreciate as much notice as possible if you need to change or amend your appointment.



What Shampoo and Conditioner should I use?

You can use any professional range of shampoo and conditioner in Volumising or Clarifying. You cannot use a Colour Saving, Moisturising or Protein based shampoo or conditioner.

Make sure that you wash your hair extensions regularly - Shampoo twice and rinse out really well! Leaving your hair greasy can cause the extensions to slide out.

Can I tie my hair up when I have the extensions in?

Yes, you can! But keep your up-do's to a mid-to-low ponytail to ensure that you are not over-directing the connections.

Can I leave my new hair extensions to dry naturally?

Yes, you can leave your hair extensions to dry naturally during the day however it is best if you can dry the connections of the extensions with a hairdryer. It is best if you do not go to sleep with wet hair extensions.

Can I use hair straighteners, a hair dryer, hot rollers and other styling equipment?

Yes, the hair used at Vixen & Blush is of the highest quality. It is 100% human hair. You are able to style it as if it is your own hair. Have no fear!

Can I go swimming when I have my hair extensions?

Yes, you can go swimming when your hair extensions are in. The hair extensions will look natural even when wet and no one will be able to tell that you are wearing them.

Can I dye my hair extensions if I feel like changing hair colour?

Yes, you can. The hair at Vixen & Blush is of the highest quality and can be toned. However, if you are attempting a drastic hair colour change, you should try some of the hair dye on both your own hair and the hair extension hair, as they may react slightly differently to the drastic hair colour change. We do not recommend lightening the hair.