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the finest hair

Nothing but The Finest Hair from The London Hair Lab is used at Vixen & Blush.  Our in-house hair lab means we always have hair in stock and waiting for you!  We have built our reputation on using this flawless hair and our clients know that they are investing in hair that will last for many refits.   We recommend coming to us for a consultation and having test pieces of hair fitted.  You will be able to see the connections, and touch and feel the hair for yourself. The quality and wearability of the hair can only really be appreciated over the longer term.

Colour Match

At Vixen & Blush we have a secret weapon that we can use to make your colour match flawless.  Our in-house hair lab means we have hair to match any client that walks through our door there and then! This has set us apart from other salons for many years and continues to enable us to achieve better results for all of our clients, no matter what colour hair you have.

Team Vixen

Vixen & Blush is made up of highly-qualified hairdressers who have a minimum of ten years experience working in full service salons in London.  We believe that hair extensions should not be fitted by technicians, but rather by stylists who understand the principles of good hair care and have developed well-honed skills in all types of hairdressing.

Vixen & Blush is dedicated to leading the industry in offering the best maintenance advice and follow-up support to our clients.
Micro Ring Method - A Re-Usable and Safe Method

The Micro Ring method is very popular because it is reusable and very safe. No glue is used to fit the hair extensions and both the fitting and the removal process are straight-forward, comfortable and simple. We manufacture our own micro rings to fit our handmade strands of hair. We have micro rings made in 3 specific sizes so we can customise this method for each client (this is based on the density of your own hair). Your micro ring hair extensions (also called nano rings) will last for 3 months and can then be re-fitted again at half the cost, making this a more affordable method.


Micro Bonding Method - For Finer Hair Types

The Micro Bond method uses keratin resin to fit loose hair into moulded bonds by hand. This method is discreet and comfortable and is really useful for those with finer hair and for those who would like to add hair in more prominent areas, like the fringe. However, this method does not allow the hair to be reused, so new hair is needed each time. We love this versatile method – as we can make tiny tiny bonds where needed and offer something more for clients who need a really discreet method of adding hair. The micro bonds will last for 3 months.

'Invisible' Tape Method - An Express Service

The 'Invisible' Tape Hair Extensions are suited to those who want hair added for 6-8 weeks and for those who want a quick and easy service at the salon. We use the same hair for our tape hair extensions, so clients do not need to compromise on hair quality. This method is also suitable for those who are on a budget as the service is charged per piece of hair and so the client has full control of the amount of hair added. Also, the tape hair extensions can be re-fitted, offering greater affordability, but still guaranteeing the same amazing quality of hair.

Completely Seamless Clip Ins - Match and Fit in the Salon

The Clip In Hair Extensions are for those who do not want to commit to permanent hair extensions, but still want the best quality hair available anywhere in the world. We developed a new range of clip in hair extensions that are the most discreet way of adding hair for a night out or an event compared to anything else available. The roots are slightly darker than the ends, the colour range is full of multi-tonal colours and the pieces are carefully handcrafted, making this 100% undetectable.

Example of our signature 'colour-blending technique'

The 'colour-blending technique' allows us to CREATE your hair.  We can match your own hair exactly and we can even add new ideas to the mix too!

Having our inhouse hair lab onsite really does set us apart from other salons and as a team, we are all extra skilled in hair - we make your colour match, and then hand-make each strand in a size that suits your hair and fit them using our micro rings or bonds.  The whole process is an art form.

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