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tape in hair

Tape in Hair Extensions

Adding volume to fine hair

'Invisible' Tape in Hair Extensions are designed
to add volume to fine hair.

Quick and easy

Who are they for?

'Invisible' Tape are great for clients who

  • like a method with less commitment than the permanent methods
  • like to control their budget and see how much hair is being fitted
  • prefer wearing a method that is flat against the scalp for increased comfort
tape in hair extensions london

What are tape hair extensions?

The Tape in Hair extensions method is a Semi-Permanent method. This means they are designed for medium-term wear and need to be re-fitted every 6 to 8 weeks.  You can re-use the same hair many times!

This a fast becoming the most popular method at Vixen & Blush and for good reason.  Our Tape Hair is comfortable to wear and is very quick and easy to fit and remove in the salon.

We only use Tape Hair that has an invisible seam - where each hair is injected by hand into a membrane to give a root mimic effect.  Even up close, it is hard to see where a clients hair ends and the tape hair begins.

view inside the salon

Tape Hair Fitting - see how we do it!

Our team of stylists are able to fit a test piece for you at first so you can feel what it is like to wear a tape in hair extension for yourself. If you then decide to have a fitting, we start with a minimum of 6 pairs.  We like to work with clients closely to create the look they want, while making them very wearable and comfortable.

We hold all of our stock in the salon and are able to colour match in an instant allowing for same day consultations and fittings and walk-in appointments!

tape in hair extensions
A fully customised approach

Our Service Explained

Tape In Hair Extensions are fitted in pairs, with some of your own hair sitting comfortably in the middle. We can create a perfect colour match from our range of multi-tonal hair.  Tape Hair Extensions are a fantastic way to add a small amount of hair for a volume boost but can also be used to add length by adding additional pairs.  For clients who add length, tape hair can be re-used many many times (some clients are still using the same hair after 2 years).  We remove the tape hair and are able to refit it again with new tape.


tape hair price of
Our pricing model

How Much Do They Cost?

Our Tape in Hair Extensions service price includes the cost of the hair and the fitting in one clear price.

Tape in extensions are available from our Fitzrovia, Central London salon from £250 for 6 pairs for a first fitting and £110 for a refitting.

See our pricing guide for salon services


Before and Afters

Choose what final look you're trying to achieve and see for yourself how it is all possible at Vixen and Blush!

View Before and Afters


Still Have Questions?

Tape in Hair Extensions - common questions we get asked!
Am I suitable for tape in hair extensions?

Tape in Hair Extensions are best suited to those with normal and finer hair types.

Anyone with normal hair density at the root, or slightly finer hair density at the root is an ideal candidate for this fantastic method.

Clients with very thick and glossy hair at the root may be better suited to having a permanent method of hair extensions, as Tape In Hair Extensions are more prone to slipping out when the client's hair is very glossy at the root (usually very dark and thick undyed hair).

Any client with very sparse hair at the root could potentially not be suitable for the tape in hair extensions method and we can advise on an alternative method.


Can I add length with tape in hair extensions?

Tape In Hair Extensions can be used to add length for clients who have fine hair or normal hair and whose layers are quite uniform and not too short.

For clients with more complex requirements such as levelling up short or damaged layers, or adding hair around the front, or for those with a lot of hair to begin with the strand-by-strand method can be a more affective way of adding length.

Can I wear Tape In Hair on holiday? Will they fall out?

Yes they are suitable for wearing while on holiday.

Tape In Hair Extensions are called a semi-permanent method: this is because they are not as hard-wearing as the strand-by-strand permanent methods.

We take extra care to give very careful maintenance advice with this method so that you can get the most out of your new hair and avoid any issues, especially when away on holiday.

If you are using the correct shampoo, and following our maintenance advice carefully there should be no issues with going on holiday wearing tape hair extensions.

What's the aftercare?

The aftercare for Tape In Hair Extensions is based on 3 rules

  • No Pulling
  • No Oily roots
  • No upside-down Head

Our main focus is on making sure you use a shampoo that cleanses your root area well and doesn't leave a build up or too much moisture at the root - as this would lead to the tape hair slipping.

In terms of how much extra time or extra steps you need compared to your normal routine - it is not very different to caring for your own hair and doesn't take much more time.

More Questions about Tape in Hair!
Can I buy your tape online and get them fitted myself?


We are a specialist salon and love to fit hair, but we realise that some clients move abroad or live faraway but still want to access our fabulous hair.

You can buy our tape hair online and have them fitted by a professional of your choice closer to where you live.

We can assist you with a colour match!

How will I know that they'll feel okay in my head?

Having hair extensions for the first time is a bit daunting.   We fit test pieces of the tape hair in your head which you can wear for as long as you want (usually a week) so you can really feel what they're like.

Feel them, touch them, wash them, dry them and hopefully you'll be closer to being able to tell if they're going to feel comfortable for you.

Will people know I'm wearing them?

Probably not - it is surprising how you can add quite a bit of hair and a colleague or friend will still say 'oh nice haircut'.. when they really mean - your hair is looking healthy!

If you add volume and not too much length then you most likely will not get asked - 'Did you get hair extensions?'

If you add a lot of length then you may get asked outright if you're wearing hair extensions.... Of course, what you choose to answer is up to you!


Will they show when it rains or is windy?

No - really good quality, well fitted and well cut and blended hair extensions will not be visible, or noticeable and that's the same no matter what the weather.

Can I wear my tape hair up in a high pony- like on Love Island?

No! this is not a good look.  We can help with how to maintain your hair extensions.  Good quality hair extensions are not hard to manage and we can help you with how to wear your hair when you're relaxing at home - but a high ponytail is not possible!  xx sorry 🙁

Will I get addicted and never be able to go without them?

This is a totally valid concern. Of course, having hair extensions makes you look like the very best version of yourself and that can be really hard to give up.

We can help you, if you want to stop, by reducing the amount down at each visit.  We also offer lovely hair treatments and can make sure your own hair grows healthier while you're wearing the hair extensions so that you feel confident when it does come time to remove them for good.

Many of our clients like to wear hair extensions on and off and embrace both versions of themselves without any problems!

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