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'Invisible' tape hair

What do we mean by 'Invisible'?

A lot of Tape Hair is quite rough and ready - large pieces with a shiny strip at the top.  Not the most discreet way to add hair - especially if you have fine hair or are slightly self-conscious!

At Vixen, we spent a year researching and developing how to make an 'Invisible' Tape.

What we found is you simply have to get them made by hand. Each Tape is made, not by machine, but by hand!  The hair is injected into a skin weft (clear membrane) and it looks as though each hair is sprouting out of your scalp when you wear them.

This is pretty high tech stuff usually reserved for Oscar-Winning films where someone has to have a beard but can't grow one!

We've decided that this high tech approach is worth it - because we only use Russian Virgin Hair.  Each of these fab hand-made pieces will be used over and over again meaning that all that effort is not wasted!




'Invisible' Tape Hair Extensions are designed to add volume to fine hair.  They are not used to add length.

If a client wants to add length to their hair this is very straight-forward at Vixen - we just offer the micro ring or micro bonds method, which are both more suitable for the task!

'Invisible' Tape, however, are used when a client would like to add volume to their own hair and prefer to use a method that is 1) less commitment than strand-by-strand hair extensions 2) less costly 3) where they prefer to see how much hair is being applied to their head and they can choose to have more or less during the appointment 4) they find them to be more comfortable or suitable than other methods (personal preference).


It is possible to come into the salon and have your 'Invisible' Tape hair fitted.  We offer an Express Service whereby clients come to us with their hair just washed (very clean) and straight.  We then colour-match your hair using our range of 'Invisible' Tape and fit them for you.  You can decide as you are having them fitted how many pieces you need and the pricing is very clear, so you can control your budget.  We then make sure to give you a great cut and style and you could be in and out of the salon within 45 minutes!  The Tapes can then be re-fitted 6 or 8 weeks later and this is charged at half the original cost.

Tapes are a Semi-Permanent method.  This means they are designed for medium-term wear and that how well they stay in place is based on the level of care you show them! We recommend a client only wears Tapes for 6 weeks if they have fine hair and for 8 weeks if they have normal or more dense hair (before having a refit).

Tapes are a great method, but how long they last is really dependent on how the client takes care of their hair.  Using the correct shampoo is key and avoiding oils at the roots that may cause them to slip out.  We can offer great maintenance advice in the salon!

For those who do no live in London, or who can't get an appointment in the salon at a time that is convenient - we wanted to make our amazing 'Invisible' Tape available to purchase online!

We recommend  1 - 2 packs for a volume boost, or 3 packs for mega volume!  Our 'Invisible' Tape Hair is super super thick on the ends so a little goes a long way!

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