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hair thinning

Hair Thinning Solutions

Hair Thinning is very common but with our GrowYourOwn programme it is something we can help some clients overcome.

Unlike hair loss which happens unexpectedly and often without a defined cause, hair thinning can occur due to an easily identifiable reason and therefore be reversed. Our #GROWYOUROWN programme was launched in 2020 and seeks to help clients reach their goal of regaining full hair health.

How it works

Common Reasons for Hair Thinning

Bleach Damage

Or damage from overuse of permanent hair dyes

This type of hair thinning occurs most often and is the most easily treated. Bleach damage can be very severe and may even lead to the ends of your hair snapping off completely. Less severe hair thinning due to over use of permanent hair dyes can lead to diminished hair quality over time and is very common for women who dye their hair, but can be easily avoided and treated!

Micro-Nutrient Deficiencies

Particularly minerals such as iron and folic acid

Hair thinning can occur due to a lack of an array of minerals and micro nutrients. This is most obvious in those recovering from eating disorders whose hair has suffered but regains its quality once a normal diet is resumed.

Postpartum Hair Thinning

Due to a rapid fall in estrogen in the body

What is termed ‘excessive hair shedding’ should be considered a normal part of becoming a new mother, but can still feel very concerning at the time. Due to a rapid fall in the level of estrogen in the body, hair that would have usually fallen out over time now falls out in a much more condensed period of time. New hair growth can also begin and create a spikey fringe and whirls around the temples, which do take time to grow out fully.

Menopause And Perimenopause

Related to hormonal changes

Hair Thinning due to hormonal changes during menopause and perimenopause are common. Hair thinning at this stage can be fully established and is more likely to be permanent. Although with a new focus in the healthcare industry on better body-identical hormone replacement therapy, hair thinning at this time in life may become more manageable.

After Medical Treatment

Drug-induced hair thinning, especially from steroids

There is a wide range of medications that can cause hair thinning.  Clients who finish their treatment course and who want help to regain their hair health can use the GrowYourOwn programme.

Prolonged Stress / Grief

Another hormonal-related cause of hair thinning

Hair Thinning can occur due to prolonged high levels of cortisol in the body.  This could be during a time of prolonged severe stress such as a divorce or relationship breakdown or due to an episode of grief when losing a loved one.  Once stress levels are brought under control, healthy hair can be regained with our GrowYourOwn programme.


covid 19 hair thinning

Hair Thinning due to COVID-19

A post-pandemic reality for many

From our position, as a hair extensions specialist salon, we have seen first hand the true scale of hair thinning due to COVID or what some may feel is hair loss due to coronavirus (a permanent unfixable issue).  We are delighted to be able to help many recover their confidence and improve their own hair health.

Our level of experience with this is growing and we are excited to see how our clients progress.


Our bespoke programme provides clients with hair extensions and hair treatments to help with recovering their own hair quality.  After either 12 or 18 months, hair extensions are no longer required.
Hair Thinning
Step 1


A consultation with our #GrowYourOwn specialist in our central London salon is where it all begins. We will take a thorough hair history and help to identify the root cause of your hair thinning.  We will be realistic about how we can help and set out the costs and time commitments in detail.

grow your own hair
Step 2

Goal Setting

If we think we can help you grow your own hair and improve your hair health and quality, we will start by setting a realistic and achievable goal.  It is important to keep a record and images of your own hair for future reference.

Micro Bonds flat tip hair extensions vixen
Step 3

Programme Design

We will set out either a 12 month or 18 month timeline for achieving your stated goal. Hair Extensions can help you grow your hair as they take on more of the heat styling, allowing your own hair to avoid it.  We also care for your own hair with a bespoke programme of treatments and products to promote healthy hair growth at the root, and recover damaged ends.

Step 4


We will make sure you see your chosen stylist throughout and we will take clear imagery to map each stage. At the end of your programme you will have a before and after (only of your own hair, not the hair extensions) and you will be able to see if your own hair has improved.  We now advise you to stop wearing hair extensions and continue to maintain your new healthy hair.

Unfortunately hair extensions are not suitable for those suffering with hair loss, or who have had hair loss in the past.  This includes such conditions as Alopecia Areata, Telogen Effluvium, Trichotillomania, Severe Androgenetic Alopecia.


Taylor's Story

Hair thinning due to an eating disorder

Taylor had hair thinning due to an eating disorder, which she recovered from fully. We helped Taylor by offering her hair extensions to help with her own hair growth. This is Taylor’s own hair 2 years later (no hair extensions in this image).

Taylor: GYO-12 month programme Graduate

  1. Full Head of 20" Micro Ring Hair Extensions every 3 months (refitted) to help her own hair to grow X2 fittings (6 months wear) Then, refit a 1/2 head (using same hair) X2 fittings (a further 6 months wear) and then, no further need to wear hair extensions

2. VivscalPRO - a clinically proven supplement to address the micronutrient deficiencies that may have contributed to hair thinning

3. Oway Densifying Remedy + Micro-Stimulating Hair Bath - a natural treatment to promote new hair growth.

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hair thinning Before

Sarah’s Story

Hair thinning due to pregnancy

Sarah (Owner of Vixen & Blush) had hair thinning 6 months after having her first child. (she was not wearing hair extensions during this time).  Sarah is also fully grey and needs to dye her hair every 3 weeks at the root.  A combination of thinner hair and hair quality deterioration due to over dyeing meant a haircut!  Sarah began to use a much more gentle form of hair dye and had tape in hair extensions to help her own hair to grow.  This is Sarah’s own hair 1 year later (no hair extensions in this image).

Sarah: GYO-12 month programme Graduate

1. 14 pairs of Tape in Hair Extensions to add volume and some length, refits every 6 weeks for 1 year (using same hair).

2. Change hair dyeing formula from using 20Vol developer to using 10Vol developer and using Olaplex each time.  No overlapping when applying hair colour.

3. Olaplex No3 treatment on end of own hair at each refit of tape in hair extensions.

4. Olaplex No7 Bonding oil used on ends of own hair daily and when heat styling.

Book a Consultation Call 0207 323 1793