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hair treatment for hair extensions

Hair Treatments

Leading the way in natural-looking hair extensions
while caring for client’s own hair

We offer hair treatments to help care for your own hair.


Are you looking to transform dry, damaged, and unruly hair? Nano Keratin is a revolutionary hair care system designed to make your hair stronger, eliminate frizz and enhance your hairs shine and texture.   It creates a fantastic smooth blow dry that will last up to 12 weeks!

How does it work?

Nano Keratin is a patented technology and works with the blow-drying process to replace any lost keratin.

How long does it take?

Nano Keratin has a unique three-step process and can take between 2-4 hours depending on the length, thickness, and texture of your hair.

Who does it work for?

All hair types can benefit from Nano Keratin treatments, it’s especially effective if your hair is damaged, coarse, or chemically treated. It will eliminate frizz and lock in your colour. Unlike other hair smoothing brands, Nano Keratin has 0% Formaldehyde or Aldehyde and releases no chemical off-gases.

Once you’ve had your Nano Keratin treatment your hair will be much more manageable and will decrease the amount of time you spend styling and blow drying your hair.  You will easily be able to create a smooth at home blow dry that will last up to 12 weeks .

After your treatment we would recommend using sulphate free shampoos and conditioner this will help the results of the Nano Keratin last longer. Your hair will feel revived and restored back to its glorious glossy state. There aren’t any washing or styling restrictions after your treatment so you can style your hair just as you did before.


Achieve complete hair repair with Olaplex multi step hair strengthening treatments! Olaplex is your one stop shop for healthy dyed hair. You can mix and match which steps you want to use to achieve your best hair yet.

Olaplex has a patented bond building technology which works on a molecular level to repair damaged and broken bonds to rejuvenate your hair. This helps to increase the strength of your natural hair and restore elasticity whilst also protecting your hair from future breakage.

Olapex is a worldwide phenomenon that has a patented active ingredient Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate. It works on the hair internally to seek out and repair broken disulphide bonds caused by chemical, thermal, mechanical, and environmental damage.


The bond multiplier is used as the first step in our Stand-Alone Treatment that prevents damage by restoring and repairing the hair.


The bond perfector is the second step of the in-salon treatment, it works on all hair types and is free of silicone, sulphates, phthalates, DEA, aldehydes


The hair perfector is a weekly at-home treatment that reduces breakage, visibly strengthens hair, and improves the look and feel of your hair.


This hair oil is a highly concentrated weightless reparative styling oil. It can increase shine, softness and colour vibrancy whilst minimizing flyaway and frizz. It also provides UV/heat protection up to 450°F/232°C.

Compromised hair can benefit by getting Stand-Alone Treatments No.1 & No.2 prior to any service. Once the service is done, you can maintain your hair’s integrity at home by using Olaplex No.3 and No.7


We offer Vivscal professional in our salon as it’s a clinically proven supplement that addresses the micronutrient deficiencies that may have contributed to hair thinning. It’s a 100% drug free dietary supplement that will make your hair fuller and thicker.

Viviscal Professional is one of the most researched hair growth supplements available and has more than 25 years of research by some of the world’s leading hair growth clinicians.

1 box of Viviscal Pro has 60 tablets, to be taken twice a day for a minimum of 6 months or until the desired results has been achieved. Take 1 tablet in the morning and 1 in the evening with water and after food. Continue to take 1-2 tablets daily as required.

Viviscal professional is suitable for women and men of all hair types.

The Viviscal Hair Growth Programme is scientifically formulated with Viviscal's exclusive marine complex AminoMar®, which helps to nourish thinning hair from within and promote existing hair growth. It also contains key nutrients essential for healthy hair growth, including Biotin, Apple Extract and Vitamin C.

Hair Thinning Solutions

At Vixen & Blush we also provide treatments and solutions that can help you gain back thickness and hair volume

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