Vixen & Blush (Central)




Danielle Pink is the Manager of Vixen & Blush (Central). Danielle has been with Vixen & Blush since the beginning and has extremely high standards of service.  Danielle is the head trainer for Vixen & Blush and has an extensive knowledge of hair extensions and a commitment to excellence in client care.


Vixen & Blush Central is located on the 1st floor, so you need to look for a buzzer and go up one flight of stairs! The salon itself is quiet and has large windows for lots of natural light. There are only 5 styling chairs and so it is a small salon where you can relax and feel comfortable. We encourage all clients to feel at home from the very start so please do bring your laptop/headphones, book, lunch etc with you. We have wifi and refreshments on offer also.

Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate any children, friends or family members accompanying you to your fitting appointment (although they are more than welcome to the consultation appointment).


At Vixen & Blush we work as a team to carry out the day-to-day services for our clients. Because hair extensions can take such a variable amount of time (due to different hair types, longer or shorter removal times, and reacting to changing requests from clients) we are able to offer our clients a more efficient and comfortable service by working as a team. This means you will have a lead stylist who is assisted by other stylists.

Danielle (Manager)

Kylie (Senior Stylist)

Ellie (Stylist)

Selina (Stylist)



Permanent ‘Strand-by-Strand’ Hair Extensions (Micro Rings and Micro Bonding)

Tape Hair Extensions (launching soon)

Clip In Hair Extensions

Colouring Services (only for our hair extensions clients)


The opening hours at Vixen & Blush (Central) are Tuesday to Thursday 11am – 9pm and Friday and Saturday from 9am – 5pm. We are closed on Sundays and Mondays.  However, our phone lines are open from Monday – Friday 10am – 6.30pm and you will be able to talk to Jamie about any queries you have.


We are able to offer after work appointments (6pm) and these are very popular! It is always best to try to book an evening or weekend appointment in advance!  However we do cater for last minute appointments and also run a cancellation list.  Our Client Relations Manager, Jamie, is available by email and phone to help you get an appointment that suits you.

Deposits to Confirm Appointments

A deposit of £50 is required to confirm appointments.  We ask for 48 hours notice of cancellation.  We handle deposits according to the Data Protection Act 1998 and do not hold card details on file. We also offer easy ways to make payment via a link (email) or online through paypal.  We ask for deposits so that we can more easily manage our diary and offer our clients the most convenient appointments possible.  We also run a cancellation list for evening and weekend appointments. Ask Jamie about this! (02037864376)

Timings for your appointment

Hair Extensions appointments are very variable in length. Here are a few examples of how long appointments usually take:

Micro Ring/Bond appointments

Timings for your appointment

Hair Extensions appointments are very variable in length. Here are a few examples of how long appointments usually take:

Micro Ring/Bond appointments

1/2 Head Hair Extensions (no removal) – 2 – 2.5 hours

Removal + New Hair – Full Head Hair Extensions – 3.5 – 4 hours

Refit of the same hair (Full Head) 3 hours
Clip in appointments

Match, Fit and Style appointments take 1 hour


For a guide – if you are deciding to have a long colour appointment followed by extensions it is a long session! We usually recommend a small break in between to go get lunch or a coffee as it is hard to sit in a chair for so long!

Otherwise – for hair extensions appointments we are really fast as a salon because hair extensions is all we do all day every day! So we will always try to keep the appointment time to a minimum by working as a team, so that it is as comfortable as possible.  (Only one stylist will fit your hair, whereas an additional stylist may be producing your hair in a back room).