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Micro Rings or Bonds


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Free Consultations

Late Night/Weekends Available

Vixen & Blush imports hair directly from Russia in large wholesale quantities of hand-picked ponytails. We have built our reputation based on using only the highest grade of human hair available anywhere in the world – 100% Double Drawn Russian Virgin Hair. Our prices are competitive for this grade of hair because we pass on the wholesale costs to our clients and we operate from 2 boutique salon spaces in off-the-high-street locations. The hair is guaranteed never to tangle or have split ends and will be in great condition for many refits, which makes hair extensions truly affordable over the longer term for our clients”

Sarah McKenna, Founder of Vixen & Blush

Micro Rings or Bonds

A permanent method, Re-Usable. 3 months wear.

Service includes

(Removal if its a refit) Wash and Blowdry/Trim, Custom Colour Matched Hair using our ‘Colour- Blending Technique’, Hand-making strands in bespoke sizes, Fitting the Hair Extensions using the best size ring for your hair type, Cutting and Blending the Hair Extensions and Styling/Finishing.

1/2 Head

First Fitting (Refit)

3/4 Head

First Fitting (Refit)

Full Head

First Fitting (Refit)

14" £445 (£222.5)£565 (£282.5)£605 (£312.5)
16" £475 (£237.5)£595 (£297.5)£655 (£327.5)
18" £505 (£252.5) £655 (£327.5)£695 (£347.5)
20" £545 (£272.5) £685 (£342.5)£735 (£367.5)
22" £585 (£292.5) £725 (£362.5) £785 (£392.5)

'Invisible' Tape

A semi-permanent method, Re-usable. Up to 6 or 8 weeks wear.

Express Service includes

Colour Match from our range, Fitting, Cutting and Blending the Hair Extensions and Styling/Finishing.

Refits includes

Charged at half the original cost. This is an Express Service. A wash and Blow-dry is optional and carries an additional charge of £30 if requested.

First Fitting (Refit)
BoostAdding 6 pairs £185 (£92)
Boost PlusAdding 10 pairs £315 (£157)
VolumeAdding 14 pairs £425 (£212)
Mega VolumeAdding 18 pairs £545 (£272)

Clip In Hair

A Temporary Method, Offered with the same quality of hair we use for our permanent methods. These Clip Ins will last you many years.

Additional Information

An appointment in the salon to Colour-Match is Free (You are provided with colour samples to decide a colour-match for yourself)

If you would like us to Advise on amount of hair, fit, cut and style them, the cost is £40

Large Piece4 clips, 8” wide 100g, 20” length£252
Medium Piece2 clips, 4” wide 50g, 20” length£132
Blending Piece1 clip, 1.5” wide 12.5g, 20” length£29
Full Head1 lrg, 1 med, 2 smalls£444
3/4 Head1 lrg, 2 smalls£312
1/2 Head1 lrg£252

How much hair?

My hair is short & I would like to...

Add volume only
Choose 1/2 Head of 14”

Add length
3/4 of 14” or Full Head of 16”

My hair is mid-length & I would like to...

Add volume only
Choose 1/2 Head of 16”

Add length
3/4 of 18” or Full of 20”

My hair is armpit length & I would like to...

Add volume only
Choose 1/2 of 18”

Add length
3/4 of 20” or a Full Head of 22”

Other Services

ConsultationsFree of charge
Removal of extensionsFree of charge, if you are having Hair Extensions fitted at the
same appointment or within 1 week
One-off removal of Micro Ring or Micro Bond Hair Extensions1/4 Head £25
1/2 Head £40
3/4 Head £55
Full Head £60
Removal of extensions from other salonsFirst 30 mins is free of charge. Thereafter it is £30 per 30 minutes.
Removal of Tape extensions6 Pairs £20
10 Pairs £35
14 Pairs £50
18 Pairs £65

Colouring Services

for Micro Ring/Bonds Clients only

First-Time clients are encouraged to come to the salon with a colour they are happy with and that is stable (not prone to fading). However, we do provide maintenance colouring services to clients, where possible.

Half head highlights£100
Regrowth£55 (dark)
Regrowth£75 (highlift tint)
Full Head Tint£70
New BalayagePrice on Consultation (required)
Balayage Refresh/With roots (No further lift on ends, roots refreshed)£120 - £150
Balayage Refresh/No roots (No further lift on ends, roots left natural)£90-£120
Root Stretch£75