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micro ring hair extensions

Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Re-usable and safe method

Micro Ring hair extensions is a re-usable and popular method


Who are they for?

Micro Rings are great for clients who

  • like a permanent method with fewer trips to the salon
  • like a method that does not use heat or glue
  • likes to re-use their hair to save on cost

What is the micro ring method?

Micro rings are a very popular method here at Vixen & Blush.  Individual strands of hair are fitted to the clients own hair using a small metal ring.  The method is known for not using any heat or glue to attach the strands. Instead the metal ring is clamped closed to secure the new hair in place.

Fittings and removals are very safe easy and clean, with no need for any chemicals.  You simply open the metal micro ring to release the strand, which can subsequently be refitted.

If a client adds significant length at the first fitting then hair can be re-used many times, making this method a more affordable way of wearing hair extensions in the longer term.


Micro Ring Hair Extensions - see how we do it!

Each strand is fitted with a tiny metal micro ring. We have 3 sizes of ring on offer, depending on the density of your own hair at the root. A precise section of your hair is threaded through the ring, and a strand of extension hair is added alongside your hair. The micro ring is then clamped closed and is in place for 12 weeks.

The ring is comfortable to wear and is very easy and simple to remove after 3 months. The hair can be refitted, using a new ring, for another 3 months wear-time. This can be repeated many times.

micro ring hair extensions
A fully customised approach

Our Service Explained

Micro Ring Hair comes in tipped strands called I-tips.  We have a large inventory of hair in the salon prepared in multi-tonal shades. We also custom prepare hair for clients at their appointment if necessary.  A perfect colour and texture match is achieved easily and the hair is expertly fitted by our experienced team of stylists.  Our focus is on achieving natural-looking results for each client.


cost of hair extensions
Our pricing model

How Much Do They Cost?

The First Fitting includes the cost of the new hair and the service and of course includes things like a wash and blow-dry, complimentary trim of your own hair, a colour match, fitting, a restyle with the hair extensions fitted, and then a styling service.

We charge HALF the original cost for all subsequent refits.  A refit includes the removal of the hair, a wash and blow-dry, free trim of your hair, a careful refit to minimise any loss of length and a restyle and styling service.

Micro bond extensions are available from our Fitzrovia, Central London salon from £495 for a first fitting and £247.50 for a refitting.

See our pricing guide for salon services

Before and Afters

Choose what final look you're trying to achieve and see for yourself how it is all possible at Vixen and Blush!

View Before and Afters


Still Have Questions?

Micro Ring Hair Extensions: common queries...
Am I suitable for Micro Ring Hair Extensions?

Micro Ring Hair Extensions are suitable for most hair types...  If you have normal density at the root or thicker hair at the root then this method is perfect for you.  For anyone with finer hair types, the micro ring method is not suitable and we can offer test pieces of other methods for you in the salon.

What if I have a metal allergy, or have had a reaction to some metals in the past?

For anyone with a known metal allergy, it is best to avoid having the micro ring method fitted as you are likely to have a reaction.

If you have had a mild reaction to some metals in the past and you are not sure if you have a real metal allergy, then we recommend that some test pieces are fitted and worn for a minimum of 48 hours.  If no reaction is apparent then we can fit micro ring hair extensions for you.

Are they comfortable to wear?

Hair Extensions, when fitted for the first time, do feel quite strange for a day or two.

The first time you go to sleep wearing permanent hair extensions can feel uncomfortable, but the feeling does go away within a few days.

The most effective way to figure out if they will be comfortable for you to wear is to have test pieces fitted at your consultation and to then wear them for a week and wash them and treat them as you would your own hair.

Which service do I choose? 1/2 head 3/4 head or Full?

For anyone who wants to add length, a 3/4 head or a Full Head is needed.

A 3/4 head can offer up to 3 inches of extra length and is a more wearable amount of hair to manage day-to-day.  It is also easier to wear hair up with a 3/4 head as we stay away from the boundaries completely.

A Full Head is required for adding more length (beyond 3 inches) and means that we can even up short layers, and add lots of hair in the front and offer a complete restyle if desired!

A Half Head is for volume only and can add an inch or so of length to fine hair.

What we get asked about Micro Rings...
Do you have to order the hair in?


We have a wholesale brand called The London Hair Lab which is located inside the salon space.

All of the hair is here,

How much hair is in a Full Head?

It varies from client to client. For a full head, we don't cap the amount of hair we add.  So we don't have a fixed amount.

If a client has a certain length in mind, we will add enough hair to meet that length while making it blend in perfectly.  If a client likes a really thick and full look - we can add more hair.

A bespoke hair extensions service really is just that.  Working with a client carefully to get the right result is what we love to do.

I bought my own hair - can you fit it?

We do get asked this a lot and I'm afraid we cannot fit hair that you bought yourself online, or that you have had fitted elsewhere, and now need refitted.

A huge part of our offering is the actual hair itself.  Sourcing superior quality hair that we can trust long term is how we have become established as a leading hair extensions specialist salon in London.

We only feel we can trust the hair we supply to clients ourselves and so we do not refit hair from elsewhere.

I've seen my friends micro rings and now I'm totally put off for life...

Hair Extensions vary hugely.

As it is a costly thing to have done, there are a lot of products out there that are cheap imitations and unfortunately a lot of underqualified technicians fitting them badly.

If you have seen micro ring hair extensions up close and you don't like the look of them then we would encourage you to have test pieces fitted of the micro rings we offer, alongside other methods for you to properly compare them in your own head.

It is the best way to figure out if they are for you or not. We don't have a fixed preference at all so can give you the pros and cons of each method when we see you in person at the salon.

Pros and Cons of Micro Ring Hair Extensions


  • re-usable (many refits)
  • no heat/glue to apply
  • quick and easy removals
  • long lasting (3 months)


  • only suitable for hair that is dense at the root
  • clients with a metal allergy cannot have them fitted


Do I need to take breaks?

We get asked this all the time - and the answer is no!

What is a surprise to many is that hair extensions, when properly applied, can actually help your own hair to grow and become healthier.

This is because, when you wear hair extensions, you start to put the heat pressure and styling pressure onto the hair extensions themselves (which are generally longer than your hair).. over time your own hair (at the ends in particular) stops suffering from all the over styling and it stops eroding at the ends..

After a year or so of wearing hair extensions many clients are amazed at how healthy their own hair looks.

It happens over and over again in our salon!

So, no - you don't need to take breaks from wearing hair extensions... However, if you just feel like not wearing them for a while, you can keep your hair aside and have it refitted at a later date (no extra costs are involved).


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